Friday, October 24, 2014

I Am Leaving..


So, this is short because I don't know if I have the heart to write anymore..

I haven't written since July 17th, and I never got around to do it.

I'm a member on Animal Jam currently for 6 months because I bought 2 membership cards and got a snow leopard and an otter, and I never got around to writing.

I'll still buddy you if you want me to :)

I started my own AJ YouTube channel like my sister Feelers did, and she's also writing for the most popular Animal Jam blog, Animal Jam Spirit.

So my AJ YouTube is BeautifulBlackWolf AJ, and if it doesn't come up, you'll see "Search for beautiful black wolf aj" instead of "BeautifulBlackWolf AJ" and click the one that says 'instead of'.

I currently have 2 subscribers.

I just thought it would be more fun and better than writing for some reason.

So you can go ahead and check that out here.

So I won't be writing anymore..just videos.

Sorry, but I'll add whoever asked.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Winner of Giveaway + Skullies Are Back?

Hey Jammers!

So the winner of the Lava Glove giveaway is an AJB reader, blossom22004! She's also my buddy. She entered the giveaway, but she can't comment. No one else commented, so she won. :|

And from what Feelers heard, you can win the beta item, Skullies, in The Forgotten Desert. I'm not sure if this is true, and I don't know if I will know, because my membership expires in 6 days. :(

But I know a writer of Snowyclaw (my bud)'s blog, someone has posted that Skullies are back, but I'm not sure yet.

But my sister, Feelers, has also made a video using Screencast-O-Matic!

Yay for Feelers! *throws confetti*


Monday, July 7, 2014

Rare Samurai Helmet

Comment To Enter A Lava Glove Giveaway!

Hey Jammers!

So today's RIM is a Rare Samurai Helmet.

I finally figured out how to get rid of the white part: I just had to select 'Crop'. (Thanks for lettin' me see how, Feelers)


To enter the Lava Glove Giveaway, you can either be a member or non member to receive it.

You must comment your username and animal's name and your membership status so I can send the item to you or trade it to you. 

Ex (fake names shown): 
Username: Huggiesdipper5
Animal Name: Crashing Quietpaw
Membership Status: Non-Member

The Lava Glove is also white with orange, just to tell you it's colors. NOTE: Lava Gloves are not available in the Diamond Shop, so they are still rare. 


I better go, I have to get Feelers some Phantom Armor.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ignore Hippo9090

Hey Jammers!

So this person keeps Jam-A-Gramming me. Their username is Hippo9090.

They say that their cousin "owns" Animal Jam. She tells me to go to her den to get free gems and I won't get banned. She says to go there and I won't get banned.

That's the worst reason to get banned! Just for no free gems?


I didn't really get banned because that fact is false. I bet their cousin doesn't own it.

Please ignore them, but I only am because they're lying and won't stop telling me to go to their den or I will get banned!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Den Is Now Unlocked

Hey Jammers!

Some viewers aren't my buddy, but if you want to visit me, go ahead! My den is now unlocked!

I hosted a Trading Party yesterday, and a total of 31 people came, making the whole den full!

Eventually, I left and 20 people were still there!

I'm also accepting buddy requests, so feel free to add me!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I Got My Membership! *Late*

Hey Jammers!

So Wednesday the 23rd of April, I finally bought my membership!

I had to buy a lion gift card because that's the only one they have here.

I already have a lion, so I got 10 free diamonds and 6,000 gems!

So..what did I buy with my diamonds?


I bought every animal (except an elephant and giraffe, monkey and a few others)

It took me a month to get another 10 diamonds to buy an eagle.

Until I found out now that here at my Wal-Mart retailer, THEY HAVE ARCTIC WOLF CARDS.

They changed the electronics section around, now there's arctic wolf cards. What a fail for me!

So now I can use all my items (of course) and everything which I am happy about.

 I forgot what else I needed to


Please Donate Items to Reesespuffs902

Hey Jammers!

So anyways, my buddy, Reesespuffs902, got hacked/scammed.

She no longer has any rares, animals, dens, or furniture/clothing.

She only has an arctic wolf.

Please, please, send her any items. She only has a baseball cap and crossbow.

Please send her any rares! I'm on my way with that.

Speaking of rares, AJ seems to be bringing the beta days back.

Gazelle Horns went into Jam Mart Clothing 2 days ago. At least the rare ones didn't come out yet.


The scammer's user is: Miapadilla702 and ALL the items she took are on her list.

3 rares and 1 normal item.